Being Venice

“Are you hot?” asked the insect. “I’m feeling a bit sticky myself”

Slightly irritating woman mopes about having some sort of internal crisis, but doesn’t do much about it. This is called Being Venice, after all. Venice is. Venice doesn’t do.

Despite her masturbation scene (Doing Venice?) at the start of the film, it’s only a bit wanky. It has occasional witty lines. It has generally good performances. It’s nicely shot – Stanmore has never looked, um, nicer. An Alfa Romeo Spider has a starring role – that’s a good thing. And Alice McConnell (Venice) has a watchable body.

Unfortunately she’d have to be a lot prettier to distract you from the inadequate and poorly structured plot. If you must go and see it, and I can’t imagine why you would (or why it needed to be made, and funded by taxpayers), you should understand that Venice was brought up on a commune and has unresolved issues with her father. The writer-director (oh God) omits to set that up. 4/10

Released April 2013.


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