Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai

“Where’s my fork and spoon?”

The title offers a clue that this is not 1) a rom-com, 2) a musical and 3) going to end well.

Hanshiro is a ronin, a samurai who’s fallen on hard times but not his own sword. Yet. He turns up at the house of the local lord, asking to use the courtyard for seppuku, which is much, much harder than sudoku. This suicide ritual brings greater honour if done in prestigious surroundings. The leader of the household suspects a ‘suicide bluff’ – ronin keep turning up with the same request, hoping they’ll be sent on their way with a few coins. The last guy, he warns Hanshiro, was made to go through with it.

Could that be why Hanshiro is here? Duh. This surprisingly dull melodrama grinds towards a predictable conclusion, but does at least highlight the stupidity of the bushido honour code. 5/10

Released March 21, 2013.


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