Who will take pity on these adorable little Nazis?

Lore (Saskia Rosendahl) is the oldest daughter of a Nazi officer who hasn’t really prepared her for post-Reich reality. When the Allies invade, Daddy does a bunk, the Fuhrer does a bunker, and Lore is left holding the baby. Literally, because her mum is off to prison.

Lore must travel the length of anarchic Allied-occupied Germany with her four younger siblings, hoping to reach her grandmother’s house. En route she’s forced to accept help from another refugee, Thomas, who has Jewish papers and a bit of a thing for Lore. She’s quite the Aryan poster girl, after all, and co-writer/director Cate Shortland certainly lets the camera linger on her beautiful lead. (Like she did in Somersault.)

It’s nice to look at, but this is otherwise quite a slight story of a girl being suddenly forced to grow up. 6/10

Released September 20, 2012.


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