The X Factor panel goes hard-core in 2050

Clint Eastwood’s chin has apparently been cloned and is appearing in films under the stage name ‘Karl Urban’. OK, Urban may exist, and may even be the world’s finest chin actor, but I suspect online pictures purportedly of him are in fact of Dominic Cooper.


In the future, North America is a nuclear wasteland and everyone lives in Mega City One until they die of radiation sickness, gang-related crime or possibly 1980s flashbacks. Clint’s chin plays Dredd, one of the cop-judge-executioners trying to keep a lid on crime. He’s called to a tower block with a rookie psychic hottie sidekick to investigate a drug killing, but they’re soon locked in and, um, locked in combat with kingpin Ma-Ma.

This 3D film’s comic-book graphic violence (in a good way) and flashes of laconic humour don’t make up for unoriginal and flawed plotting and Dredd’s nil character development. Or facial expression, as he never takes off that helmet. 6/10

Released October 25, 2012.


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