On the Road

“No reviewer’s going to use this still, are they? They’ll all use the one with Kristen Stewart naked instead”

Sal wants to be a writer, but lacks inspiration in the smoky bars of post-war Queens. Then he’s introduced to the handsome and charismatic Dean Moriarty, breaker of laws and hearts. Dean’s cool. So is his current girlfriend Marylou (Kristen Stewart), but that’s possibly because she doesn’t have any clothes on.

Various combinations of Sal, Dean, Marylou and assorted girlfriends and hangers-on then embark on a series of unconnected road trips in search of Life, benzedrine and other people for Dean to have sex with. Sal will eventually discover that one person’s cool cat is another’s self-destructive dickhead.

It’s hard to care about Sal or Dean so this will appeal mostly to fans of Stewart (who’s good) and Jack Kerouac’s book, which is all about the journey, not the destination – and so not really film material. 7/10

Released September 27, 2012.


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