The Giants

Too late, he discovered his iPhone 5 didn’t actually have a fishing app

Original title: Les géants

Zak (13) and Seth (15) are nice kids who have been abandoned by their mother at the remote house of their late grandad. For some reason. They’ve spent all their money on marijuana and so survive by stealing food from their weird neighbour.

They start driving their grandad’s car about the place. They make friends with another local boy, Dany, who has a psycho brother. To raise cash they decide to rent out their house to a local dope grower for hydroponics, but this involves them moving out. Mild entertainment ensues as they try to work out what to do with themselves now.

This is a Franco-Belgian production but indistinguishable from a pure French film, so expect a good cast, a pleasant ambience and not much direction. 6/10

Released November 1, 2012.


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