Pitch Perfect

A songbird. With some kind of thrush.

It’s important to go into some films with low expectations. This is one such film.

Loner alt girl Beca arrives reluctantly at college – she’d rather be DJ-ing in LA – and is press-ganged into joining all-female a cappella group The Bellas. Their all-male rivals The Treble Makers beat them in last year’s national final after a projectile-vomiting incident, and The Bellas lost all their coolness along with their lunch. They’re taking anybody, including Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) – “I’m Tasmania’s best singer with teeth” – and the virtually inaudible Lily.

True, the plot sticks pretty closely to the band-of-misfits-try-to-win-the-championship template. And Beca’s love interest reminds me of a young Steve Guttenberg, but I suppose every generation needs its own Steve Guttenberg. What lifts this is the left-field humour from writer Kay Cannon (30 Rock): it’s a comedy first and a musical second – though the music is unexpectedly good. So pitch up to it. 8/10

Released December 6, 2012.


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