This is 40

Someone told Paul the film would be coming out Down Under.
Paul Rudd waits anxiously for the film to come out Down Under.

This “sort-of sequel to Knocked Up” is a) not, b) far funnier (thank God), and c) more realistic. It’s a spin-off rather than sequel, following married couple Peter and Debbie as they approach their 40th birthdays and have to examine the shaky foundations of their picture-perfect middle-class life.

Peter’s indie record label is bleeding money, Debbie’s boutique is barely breaking even and their teen/pre-teen daughters bicker constantly. But the BMW and Lexus still look pretty shiny, so we’re not talking high stakes here. There also isn’t too much of a plot: it’s more a series of vignettes showing the ebb and flow of love and hate in the family relationships. It stays within the bounds of credibility, but with the pithy lines you wish you could think of during domestic disputes. Rarely laugh-out-loud, but consistently amusing. 7/10

Released January 17, 2013.


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