Fast & Furious 6

Pretty fly...
Pretty fly…

A group of outlaw millionaire car enthusiasts, apparently able to warp the laws of physics whenever they sit behind the wheel (and find extra gears on demand), are recruited by the US government in the knobbly shape of The Rock in order to defeat another, more badass bunch of car enthusiasts.

This latter bunch is attempting to steal the one-of-a-kind MacGuffin 5000 computer chip in order to… Oh, never mind. Lots of Grand Theft Auto-style action ensues, culminating in a finale on a runway that would have to be at least 50km long, considering how long the action takes.

I haven’t seen any of the other F&Fs, but I don’t seem to have missed much character development. Unless they developed in complex ways in previous films, only to regress to their initial, two-dimensional state here. Hmm.

For something so ridiculous, it should be funnier than it is. 4/10

Released June 6, 2013.


3 thoughts on “Fast & Furious 6

  1. Now since it is a summer film that has The Rock in it, it’s normal to expect a bunch of exciting action and maybe a few cheesy one liners and stuff like that and this movie does have those, but also a bunch of fun as well. Good review.

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