A Gun in Each Hand

"You said you wanted to see me behind bars"
“You said you wanted to see me behind bars.”

Original title: Una pistola en cada mano

Despite the title, this is not an action film. It is a series of conversations between various men – none of the characters are named – suffering mid-life relationship crises. There’s humour, pathos and philosophy as the men shrug their shoulders, both metaphorically and literally (this being a Spanish film) at their lot in life.

The men range from the unhappily divorced to the unhappily married; from those in new romances to those in search of an extramarital quickie. The women in their circle respond with irritation, bewilderment or resignation, but audiences should have a more positive reaction: there are some amusing and truthful moments here. No-one gets too emotional, though. Or shot, obviously. 7/10

Released July 4, 2013 and screened as part of the Spanish Film Festival.


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