The World’s End

Who's shouting?
But whose shout is it?

Gary King (Simon Pegg) was once considered a cool kid in school. Mostly by himself. Twenty years on and a reluctant participant in group therapy, he can’t understand why his life hasn’t lived up to the early promise.

He persuades his childhood posse to complete a legendary pub crawl in the town where they all grew up. Last time, they didn’t make it to the final pub, The World’s End. They’ve all moved on from both the town and Gary, but they reluctantly agree.

The night doesn’t go well, but before it goes tits-up, they discover the world is going tits-up too. They must reunite/to fight/for the right/to parrrrrrty!

This being a Simon Pegg film, it’s no great spoiler to reveal non-humans are involved. And that he will play a man-child, and that there will be bromance, and light comedy throughout. 7/10

Released August 1, 2013.


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