Kick-Ass 2

Dave/Kick-Ass, the superhero with no actual superpowers, is bored with life now he’s hung up his suit. He tries to persuade Mindy, aka Hit Girl, a one-girl marine corps, to train him up so they can fight crime together. Which she does, but then her guardian persuades her to hang up her own suit and… Read More Kick-Ass 2


Adam (Liam Hemsworth) is a junior brain at tech company Wyatt Corporation. He and his team are fired by Nicholas Wyatt (Gary Oldman) for pitching a product that Wyatt thinks is pointless. I’m with Wyatt on that one. But Wyatt then rehires the cash-strapped Adam to infiltrate Eikon, run by Wyatt’s nemesis Jock Goddard (Harrison… Read More Paranoia

Frances Ha

Frances (Greta Gerwig, also the co-writer) shares a New York apartment and pursues her dream of becoming a dancer. Bearing in mind Gerwig’s awkward physicality, it’s no surprise to discover that her dream is fading. But she stays chipper, despite having no Plan B for her life, nor a Plan Boyfriend to fund her. This… Read More Frances Ha