Kick-Ass 2

"Enough already with the air guitar!"
“Enough already with the air guitar!”

Dave/Kick-Ass, the superhero with no actual superpowers, is bored with life now he’s hung up his suit. He tries to persuade Mindy, aka Hit Girl, a one-girl marine corps, to train him up so they can fight crime together.

Which she does, but then her guardian persuades her to hang up her own suit and give life a go as an ordinary 15-year-old. So Kick-Ass finds a gang of like-minded costume-wearers to hang out with. It’s all fine until his rich-kid nemesis Chris reinvents himself as supervillain Motherfucker to come after Kick-Ass. As Chris is essentially useless, he hires a bunch of genuinely bad people to help him out.

This has plenty of laugh-out-loud sections but the plotting and characters are more half-ass than kick-ass, and the wince-while-laughing comic-book violence crosses the nasty line too many times. 7/10

Released August 22, 2013.


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