The Best Offer

"Sir? You ordered the chandelier dropped from a great height?"
“Sir? You ordered the chandelier dropped from a great height?”

Original title: La migliore offerta

Obsessive auctioneer Virgil (Geoffrey Rush), who’s not averse to expanding his private art collection by unethical means, finds his ordered life disrupted when he’s called in to catalogue the estate of reclusive heiress Claire.

Initially infuriated by her cancelled appointments and refusal to meet him face to face, he gradually becomes drawn into her world, especially when he discovers parts of a legendary automaton in the cellar of her crumbling mansion.

‘Intrigue’ doesn’t appear in many lists of film genres, but I do like a story where you know something’s going to happen but you’re not exactly sure what. Unfortunately, you can pretty much work out what’s going on here, so the main question is why, and the answer isn’t entirely satisfactory. Nor is the jarring effect of having a European setting where everyone is speaking English, and doing it less than naturalistically. Still, The Best Offer is worth considering. 7/10

Released August 29, 2013.


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