Machete Kills

Don't ask her to express herself.
Don’t ask her to express herself.

With its tongue in its cheek and its victims’ entrails wrapped around a helicopter blade, this Mexploitation spoof sees the indestructible, leather-faced Machete (Danny Trejo) on a mission to save Washington from a Mexican nutter’s missile. He heads south of the border to kidnap said nutter, who has wired the missile to his heart. Various hotties, corrupt cops and a megalomaniac are involved along the way, but don’t worry about the plot too much.

This has its moments of fun comedy gore and one-liners from Machete, who’s not into communication but refers to himself in the third person (“Machete don’t tweet”). Ultimately, though, it’s not quite in Tarantino territory for originality and humour. Also, it stars Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson. 6/10

Released October 24, 2013


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