The film misses its mark by this much.
The film misses its mark by this much.

Well, the ice is nice. It’s beautifully rendered. The plot, less so.

Young princesses Elsa and Anna (pronounced “Arna” by the American voice cast) love to play using Elsa’s magic ice-making powers, until Elsa one day accidentally hurts Anna with an ice bolt. The king and queen decide they should wipe Anna’s memory of Elsa’s power and keep the girls apart. Hmm.

Some years after this terrible parenting decision, the parents deservedly drown. Elsa emerges from isolation to be crowned queen, but then exiles herself after inadvertently plunging the realm into eternal winter during an argument with her sister. Hey, it happens.

Forgettable songs don’t add much to the messy story, but there are a few laughs. However, this is mostly for younger kids – and for adults who miss the snow-white (sic) Disney princess films of old. I don’t, which is why I sniggered at the line, “I want you to take me up the north mountain.” 6/10

Released December 26, 2013.


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