Delivery Man

"Has anyone seen a lost child...?"
“Has anyone seen a lost child…?”

The omens are bad: the title is unappealing; Vince Vaughn is unappealing; it’s a comedy about a sperm donor; and it’s a remake of a Canadian film from 2011 – sacré bleu, how desperate is Hollywood getting?

Vaughn plays David, who owes $80,000 to some bad men for some unexplained reason. David’s job is delivering meat – incompetently – for his family’s business. But to make money when he was younger, he beat the meat – at a fertility clinic. He signed a confidentiality agreement, but now there’s a class action involving some of the 533 children he fathered to reveal his identity.

This unexpectedly funny and occasionally touching (not in that way) film shows David wrestling with the dilemma (not the snake) over whether to come clean, as it were: he starts to stalk his offspring and understand the responsibilities of fatherhood.

There are formulaic aspects and some borderline gooeyness (no tittering!), but the wry wit makes up for all that. 8/10

Released December 5, 2013.


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