All Is Lost

Another washed-up actor.
Another washed-up actor.

The word “fuck” forms a large percentage of the dialogue in this film. Though it also forms a large percentage of that last sentence, which probably contains more words than Robert Redford speaks on camera. This is right up there with The Artist as the perfect script for an actor who struggles to remember lines.

Redford is the only cast member in this story of a solo yachtsman running into problems in the Indian Ocean. It’s a bold piece of minimalism and very watchable, though Redford looks a bit too unfit to be credible. He doesn’t exactly leap into action, for example, when he wakes up to find seawater sloshing against his bunk. His frailty limits the potential for heart-stopping action.

But this is more about human ingenuity than strength; it’s also, subtly, about both our impact on the world as a species and our insignificance as individuals. 7/10

Released February 20, 2014.


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