The Gilded Cage

"What did you do to my rabbit?"
“What did you do to my rabbit?”

Original title: La cage dorée

Maria and José Ribeiro, originally from Portugal, have been dedicated and underappreciated workers in Paris for 30 years. She’s the concierge at an upper-crust apartment block, he’s a building site foreman.

One day, José’s estranged brother dies and bequeaths them an estate and wine business in their homeland. With one condition: they must return to live in Portugal and keep the business going.

They keep the news secret while they grapple with the dilemma of leaving their jobs, lives and possibly their French-born children behind. But the apartment owners, José’s boss and various friends get wind of the situation, and all start plotting to keep the Ribeiros in Paris.

This good-natured comedy should resonate with any expat who’s had to decide where ‘home’ really is. 8/10

Released December 12, 2013.


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