Lone Survivor

The hero of the story.
The hero of the story, some would say…

Well, the title is a bit of a spoiler, but thankfully this based-on-a-real-war story does take a surprising turn.

Mark Wahlberg plays Marcus, one of a group of Navy SEALS dropped on an Afghan mountain with the aim of assassinating a Taliban leader. Their target has no earlobes but still gets to hear of their arrival, thanks to a group of goatherds stumbling across their hideout. From that point on, things on the mountain go downhill fast.

The good points of this film are the realistic portrayals of battlefield confusion, gunshot injuries and hard moral choices. The bad points are the undeveloped characters of the soldiers, whose personalities (and beards) are largely indistinguishable, so you won’t care about them as much as you should. 6/10

Released February 20, 2014


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