Need for Speed

Easy-over fried Koenigsegg, coming up.
Over-easy fried Koenigsegg, coming right up.

Tobey (Aaron Paul) has inherited his dad’s garage. It’s going bust, yet he’s still paying a crew. One’s black, one chews a toothpick, one’s young, etc. You know, deep characterisation.

Tobey’s old nemesis Dino swans into town. Their grudge is never really explained, nor why Dino gives Tobey the job of reworking a multimillion-dollar rare Shelby Mustang.

Tobey gambles his payment on a race against Dino on public roads. There’s an accident, which no-one witnesses even though they’re driving BLOODY KOENIGSEGGS, and Tobey ends up in clink for two years while Dino walks.

Then Tobey comes out and enters a high-stakes illegal road race organised by Michael Keaton, who I’m guessing agreed to appear in this tosh only if he didn’t have to act opposite anyone else. Dino’s racing too.

This film has nice cars, a dog’s-dinner plot, lame humour, and not an original idea in its empty little head. It will probably do very well. 5/10

Released March 13, 2014


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