Ride Along

He baulked at the challenge of improving the rustic fruit display.
It was the toughest test yet for a trainee cop: improving the rustic fruit display.

Ben (Kevin Hart) is a shortarse wannabe cop who’s dating the sister of James (Ice Cube), an aggro detective who disapproves of Ben. To prove himself worthy brother-in-law material, Ben agrees to spend a day in the passenger seat of James’ car as he cruises the mean streets of Atlanta.

James’ goal is to scare/humiliate Ben by responding to all the bullshit radio calls, but before they know it they’re on the trail of elusive crime kingpin Omar.

Twenty-five years ago this would have been an Eddie Murphy film – he used to make funny ones, remember? The plot is of the same sort of vintage, and the layer of dust doesn’t make the characters any more three-dimensional. However, it’s redeemed by having genuine laughs, with Hart a likeable motor-mouthed underdog. 7/10

Released March 27, 2014.


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