Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter

None too bright: Kumiko.
None too bright: Kumiko.

Kumiko works as an ‘office lady’ in Tokyo, but she’s a round peg in a totally square hole. She’s losing her mind.

She develops an obsession with the Coen brothers’ movie Fargo, which is based on a true story. Kumiko goes a step further and decides that the case full of cash that Steve Buscemi buried in the snow was real and is waiting to be discovered.

This may sound like a comedy, and it does have comic moments, but unfortunately it’s a grindingly slow 55 minutes into the film before she actually gets on a plane to Minnesota. In winter. With no luggage. It’s not a journey I’d recommend. 5/10

Released as part of the Sydney Film Festival from June 9, 2014.



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