"So you'll give me two goes at guessing the baby's sex?"
“So you’ll give me two goes at guessing the baby’s sex?”

Maleficent is a happy young fairy in the magical kingdom, which doesn’t get on with the human kingdom next door. They’re sort of like Ukraine and Russia. (Obviously there are no fairies in Russia.) But when a human boy, Stefan, strays over the border, she befriends him.

Stefan becomes a regular visitor. They grow up, he declares his undying love, then he dumps her (those Russians! I mean, humans!) to go in search of fame and fortune. Then he comes looking for her again (stay with me, it’s a long first act), then commits a horrendous act of betrayal. Maleficent turns bitter and twisted, cursing his first-born daughter to prick her finger when she hits 16 and fall into eternal sleep.

This somewhat feminist take on Sleeping Beauty is an interesting idea, but diminished by inconsistent logic, flat characters, a meandering plot and not enough jokes. 6/10

Released May 29, 2014.


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