Monty Python Live (Mostly)

See it before they have to put in the stairlift.
See it before they have to put in a stairlift.

I don’t normally review film-of-the-stage-show releases but this may indeed turn out to be a one-off run, unlike other farewell-no-really tours.

If you aren’t already a Python fan, this show from London’s O2 Arena of re-created sketches, song-and-dance numbers and original clips won’t convert you. If you fondly remember the Flying Circus, you may wish to leave it fondly remembered, because the lame bits of this will remind you how patchy the Pythons were between the seminal highlights.

The fun here is in seeing the pensioners corpsing their way through those highlights – the Lumberjack Song, the Parrot Sketch, the Four Yorkshiremen. The ho-hum dance numbers in between are by younger professionals – no hips were endangered – while the videos mostly acknowledge the work of the Dead Python, Graham Chapman, plus Terry Gilliam’s animation.

At over two hours long plus interval, it probably warrants a 4/10 rating, but for their undoubted influence on my own humour, I’ll give it 6/10.

Released August 6, 2014.


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