"I don't have any chairs with backs, but make yourself comfortable."
Look, a six-legged chair.

Kyra (Carey Mulligan), a teacher living in a grim inner-city flat, gets a visit from her former lover – who’s also her ex-boss. They still have feelings for each other, but Tom (Bill Nighy) is a successful entrepreneur from the opposite end of the political spectrum. What follows is an evening in which they try to find some middle ground in a verbal duel that is both witty and painful.

The original David Hare play from 1995 was a commentary on the social schism in Britain after 16 years of Tory government, but sadly it hasn’t aged a bit. If your government sees its role as punishing the needy and facilitating their exploitation by the rich (yes, Australia, I’m talking about you), it will really resonate.

This National Theatre Live production is a multi-camera stage-film hybrid that works remarkably well. It’s a great way to see stars acting without a safety net (and at cinema instead of theatre prices). 8/10

Released on October 25, 2014 – see Sharmill Films for locations.


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