Into the Woods

"Oh Christ, another singing Captain Kirk."
“Oh Christ, another singing Captain Kirk.”

A childless baker’s wife is told by her old witch (literally) of a neighbour that the only way she’ll get a bun in the oven is by finding four objects before the next blue moon: a red cloak, some corn-coloured hair, a golden shoe and a milk-white cow. The witch needs these to reverse her encounter with the ugly stick, so why she only gives the bakers three days’ notice is a bit of a mystery.

On their quest, the bakers encounter versions of Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Cinderella and Jack (of beanstalk fame) in a somewhat disjointed comic tale. Maybe because it’s based on the successful stage musical, it relies on telling rather than showing.

There are both set-piece songs (including a funny prince-off between Chris Pine and Billy Magnussen) and sung dialogue. Despite some clever wordplay, the resulting soundtrack is fairly forgettable, but there’s fun to be had watching the all-star cast trying to stay in tune. 7/10

Released January 8, 2015


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