What We Did on Our Holiday

Her jibe about him being "no James Bond" cut Dr Who to the core.
Her jibe about him being “no James Bond” cut Doctor Who to the core.

The McLeod family frantically pack for a trip to Scotland to visit grandfather Gordy (Billy Connolly) for his birthday. Gordy hasn’t been well, so Doug (David Tennant) and Abi (Rosamund Pike) have briefed the kids to keep schtum about their marital disharmony.

It seems like the set-up to a comfortable and predictable British farce, but while it does have its pantomime characters, things spin off in an unexpected direction before the birthday party even gets going. Written and directed by the excellent Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin of Outnumbered fame, it of course gives its funniest lines to the children.

One of the great privileges of attending press previews is seeing movies without knowing anything about them. It’s an artificial situation but makes small films like this a breath of fresh air after all the Hollywood blockbusters. In an era of $20 cinema tickets, I hope there’s still a market for it. 8/10

Released February 12, 2015


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