He was certainly feeling something.
He was certainly feeling something.

Eight people, spread across the world, suddenly start to experience each other’s feelings. The mechanism is a bit iffy, but they can either physically occupy the other person’s body or just drop by for a virtual chat.

Naturally there’s an evil organisation trying to hunt down these ‘Sensates’, but each also has more immediate concerns: Capheus’s sick parent, Lito’s secret gay life, Riley’s devastating grief, Sun’s fraudster brother etc.

Etc. Etc. There’s a reason most shows have only four or five central characters: it’s hard to follow (and care about) any more. Eight characters means establishing 28 relationships between them (it’s a maths thing) plus all the external ones. (That’s why the Sensates are mostly only-child orphans or have single parents.) Hence the first episode probably put off 50% of viewers, despite all the gratuitous sex (all combinations) and violence.

But the more you watch, the better it gets, so binge it. It’s hugely self-indulgent but also ambitious. Oh, and if there was an Emmy for Achievements in Continuity, this show would be a shoo-in. 8/10

1 season, 12 x 1 hr. Out on Netflix.


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