My Jihad

Yep, it's Judgement Day.
Yep, it’s Judgement Day.

This is a beautiful little rom-com with a terrible title. It offers real insights into the problems of courtship for ordinary British Muslims (really, porcupines have it easier), but the people who would get the most out of it (i.e. non-Muslims) probably won’t appreciate that “jihad” means “struggle”, and not “holy war”.

Nazir is a believer but unemployed, and hence unmarriageable. Yasmin is a believer but has History. And is hence unmarriageable. They meet at a Muslim speed-dating event and things go downhill from there, but other events (or Allah) throw them into each other’s path.

It’s very, very short, it leaves you wanting more. 8/10

1 season, 4 x 15 mins, out on BBC iPlayer.


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