You, Me and the Apocalypse

"How do you pass the time?"
“How do you pass the time?”

The world gets 34 days’ notice that a meteorite is about to hit in an extinction event. We join the main characters at impact time, when they find themselves in a bunker under Slough, and then backtrack to discover how they ended up there.

Jamie is a dullish bank manager whose wife disappeared seven years earlier. Now he discovers he’s adopted and has a twin brother, Ariel, who’s an international cyber-terrorist. His wife has been seen with Ariel. Jamie sets off to find her.

Meanwhile, Father Jude (Rob Lowe), the official Devil’s Advocate at the Vatican, is tasked with checking out fake Messiahs, aided by the hot but chaste Sister Celine (so no Second Comings jokes yet).

Then there’s US librarian Rhonda, taking the fall for her son’s hacking crimes, who’s broken out of jail by Ariel.

Rhonda’s brother Scotty happens to be a doomsday researcher who has devised a plan for humanity.

Yes, coincidences abound – or is it fate that links these people?

It’s high-budget, original and quirky (and does indeed star Pauline Quirke). I’m five eps in and plan to stick with it. 8/10

Broadcast on Sky 1. Available on catch-up on NowTV.


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