The Walking Dead

To get cast as a zombie, you just have to provide a head shot.
It’s easy to get cast as a zombie extra: you just have to provide a good head shot.

After a zombie apocalypse, Sheriff Rick Grimes wakes up in hospital from a coma to discover he can see dead people. And they all want a piece of him, literally.

He leads a band of fellow survivors (ever-changing: we’re talking Game of Thrones levels of attrition) on a road trip to find salvation. We’re midway through the sixth season now, so no, they’re not there yet. Not all the bad actors have been disembowelled, but at least they’re improving.

I admit I skipped a bit of season 2, when they stop moving for a while, but otherwise there’s something compelling about this series. It offers not just brains but brain fodder. It’s at its most interesting when exploring what it means to human, and the morals and social and power structures we cling to when there is no force of law, and when everyone has to kill – mostly zombies, but relentlessly – in order to survive.

Also, as with other post-apocalyptic stories, if you can look past the gore and grime (Rick, would you wash that shirt?), you’ll get a glimpse of an upside to pressing Reset on humanity. The landscape has returned to nature and common ownership, the concept of wealth has disappeared along with politicians, gossip magazines and all the other crap. It’s almost utopia… if you can avoid being eaten. 8/10

Available on NowTV and Netflix (various series).


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