Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

It's all a bit hollow, really.
It’s all a bit hollow, really.

This was always a bit of a stupid idea. Can you really give two superheroes enough motivation to want to fight each other?

On the strength of this, the answer is no.

The premise: Batman subscribes to the spreading public view that Superman thinks he’s the Messiah and is working without oversight; Superman, meanwhile, thinks Batman is getting a bit unhinged. Lex Luthor is in there somewhere, stirring things up.

Eventually, after much, much, much preamble, biffo ensues. Usual crunching impacts and broken concrete. Sure, throw Superman through a wall. That always works.

This is DC Comics wanting its own version of Marvel’s Avengers, which have already given us every tedious combination of superheroes in fistfights (ditto X-Men etc etc), so don’t expect anything new.

I think there are a couple of witty lines, but to be honest I only caught about 20% of the dialogue over the thundering soundtrack, booms and crashes with the bass turned up to 11. My tip: wait for the DVD and watch it with subtitles. 5/10

Released 25th March 2016.


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