Stan Lee’s Lucky Man

Yes, he's about to get lucky.
Yes, he’s about to get lucky.

Harry Clayton (James Nesbitt) is a London policeman with a gambling habit that’s cost him his house and his marriage to barrister Anna (Eve Best, who unfortunately has one of those faces that makes her appear to be smiling, even when she should be beating her loser husband with a poker).

Harry is given a mysterious bracelet by the mysterious Eve that, mysteriously, makes him unbelievably lucky. Interesting concept. You’re already thinking what you would do in his shoes, aren’t you? Well, he doesn’t do any of those things. He doesn’t amass huge wealth, solve every crime in London and go on to fix intractable global problems. He doesn’t even buy his house back. Instead he runs around contaminating crime scenes and generally being a dick. His boss, DSup Stereotype, hates Harry’s loose-cannon tactics – and you’re on the side of his boss.

There is, of course, a Mr Big who wants the bracelet for himself, and that’s the series plot that Harry spins out to 10 episodes through his increasing incompetence.

Comic-book legend Stan Lee, the co-creator of Spider-Man, etc etc, gets a possessory credit on this so I guess we blame him. A good cast struggling with bad scripts provides some watchability, though not enough to justify the second series that’s in the works. 6/10

Box set available on Sky/NOW TV.


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