"Before you kill me, I beg you: explain the plot."
“Before you kill me, I beg you: could you just explain the plot one more time?”

The Westworld theme park is where the super-rich go to enjoy an immersive Wild West fantasy: on a rampage of murder and rape or playing the guy in the white hat, rescuing the rancher’s daughter. Luckily the locals are all robots, who after the abuse get patched up, hosed out, reset and put back in action, ready to relive their programmed storylines. Unluckily, some of the robots are starting to have flashbacks – and wandering off script.

This ambitious, slightly pretentious series has multiple plots and no solid central character, and it gets positively bewildering at times: a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma… then buried in the desert. At night. Possibly in heavy fog. While the last extended episode brings some clarity, the plotting occasionally stretches both logic and credibility, with odd forays up its own rectum. (Where it’s dark, though pristine.)

But Westworld remains very watchable: for the storyworld, the existential themes and some top-notch performances, notably from Thandie Newton as brothel madam Maeve – also one of the few likeable characters. 8/10

Available on NOW TV.



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