Stranger Things

Winona realises she's a few letters short of an alphabet.
Winona realises she’s a few letters short of an alphabet.

A scientist flees in terror through an underground lab, but gets caught by… something. Pre-teen nerd Will disappears on the way home from Dungeons and Dragons. His friends go searching for him, only to discover instead a mysterious girl with a shaved head wandering around in a nightdress. She looks scared and struggles to communicate, but appears to have a few unusual skills.

Will’s mum (Winona Ryder) – who’s had a few mental health wobbles in the past – meanwhile tries to convince her family and the local sheriff that Will is trying to communicate to her via power surges.

What’s that? A mysterious government installation on the outskirts of town? No, nothing to see here.

Set in the early 1980s (though looking more 1970s to me) this entertaining sci-fi series owes just about everything to films of the era such as ET and Alien, but that’s no bad thing. There’s plenty of humour to offset the horror elements – which are more about frights than gore – and the cast is superb. 9/10

Available on Netflix


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