He's not a crime boss. He's just a shrew businessman.
He’s not a crime boss. He’s just a shrew businessman.

Original title: Zootopia

In a world where animals of every stripe live together anthropomorphically in peace and harmony (unlike actual humans), rabbit Judy Hopps has dreams of becoming a city police officer (almost typed ‘police otter’ just then). Life on the family carrot farm with her 275 siblings just has no appeal.

The police force, staffed by rhinos, tigers and similarly weaponised animals, is not keen to welcome her, however. Judy is assigned to parking duty, where she has a run-in with street-hustler fox Nick Wilde.

Meanwhile there’s a been a wave of disappearances in the city, and Judy is soon caught up in the investigation, blackmailing Nick to help. A few predators, it seems, are reverting to their primal natures…

This is almost a brilliant film. It has a great plot, jokes, animation and characters… with the exception, unfortunately, of Judy herself, who’s tad bland and irritating. Unlike Nick, she goes through very little transformation over the course of the story.

Still, its primary audience is unlikely to be bothered by such structural failings, and the film’s message about social tolerance offers plenty of meat-free food for thought. 7/10


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