The Revenant

Leonardo bears up.
Leonardo bears up.

Hugh Glass is part of a fur-trapping party (totally different from a toga party) in an icy and mountainous part of the mid-Wild West in the first quarter of the 19th century. When the trappers are attacked by an Arikara war party (yep, still different), who are searching for the chief’s kidnapped daughter, Glass is one of a handful of survivors.

But his week really goes downhill when he then gets stomped by a grizzly bear that may be reconsidering its vegetarian/piscivorous lifestyle. He’s at death’s door. His colleagues head off in search of help, their boss paying the highly dodgy Fitzgerald to look after Glass until his inevitable death.

Unfortunately, despite the comfy grave Fitzgerald has generously prepared for him, Glass refuses to be polished off. So Fitzgerald buggers off.

Glass hauls his broken body off in pursuit, intent on revenge, while dodging Arikara and nefarious French trappers.

Based on a real (but greatly embellished) story, this watchable rather than gripping film has its fair share of axe and arrow wounds but isn’t as graphically violent as you might expect. But it could give you vicarious frostbite. 8/10


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