The OA

As a greenhouse, it could have been better located.
As a greenhouse, it could have been better located.

Prairie (Brit Marling, also co-creator) is a young blind woman who disappears from her adoptive parents’ home, only to reappear seven years later with a tale of being held captive at an unknown location. Stranger still, she’s now able to see.

The OA, as she now wishes to be called, has issues with her parents. They medicated her as a child due to her vivid and traumatising dreams, which she believed were premonitions. Hence she only shares her story, an hour a night, with five strangers who meet up with her in an abandoned house. They are four students from the local school, plus one teacher: all feel isolated from the mainstream in their own way.

The OA wants them to help her in a mission to save the four people who were held captive with her.

Over the course of the evenings, the misfit group begins to bond, but as The OA’s story gets increasingly strange, the question is: how much is fact and how much is fiction?

This unusual and intriguing series veers towards the hippy-dippy at times (trigger warning: may contain scenes suggestive of interpretive dance), but it keeps you guessing. 8/10

Available on Netflix


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