10 Cloverfield Lane

"Yep, IKEA doesn't make a finer lampshade."
“Yep, IKEA doesn’t make a finer lampshade.”

Michelle splits up with her fiancé and hits the road, only to be run off it somewhere in the boondocks. She wakes up in the cellar of doomsday prepper Howard (John Goodman), who tells her that the apocalypse has in fact arrived and that he has rescued her. She should be grateful.

A hint that he might actually be telling the truth comes from local hick Emmett, who broke his arm trying to get into the bunker after witnessing events that looked mightily like the end of days.

As more clues about their situation emerge, Michelle has to decide whether she can face life underground with the unstable Howard and the intellectually limited Emmett, or if venturing above ground might be worth the risk – or be a merciful release. But Howard is not opening that door, no way no how.

Creepy, tense and with occasional laughs at the expense of the self-important – but still dangerous – Howard, this thriller saves its biggest surprises till the end. 8/10


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