"OK, so the Uber was a bad idea."
“OK, so the Uber was a bad idea.”

A group of new recruits from diverse backgrounds but the same make-up trailer start at the FBI Academy. Interleaved with their training exercises, bed-hopping and dysfunctional family histories is the story of a terrorist attack that happens after they leave.

It seems someone on the training course was responsible, and the chief suspect is recruit Alex Parrish (a name that was perhaps chosen before Indian actress Priyanka Chopra was cast). Alex goes on the run while she tries to prove her innocence.

The series has promise, and not entirely due to the anime fantasy (big eyes, lips, hair and boobs) that is Chopra. It’s good to see a non-white action lead, and the jumping from present to past and back is an interesting approach. Unfortunately it does tend to break up the flow as we try to recall who was friends/lovers/enemies with whom, then and now. Also, the tangled romantic threads get a bit tiresome.

But Quantico‘s main problem is that, having been commissioned at 13 episodes and then expanded to 22, the first series feels padded, with increasingly unlikely twists designed to focus our suspicions on every cast member in turn.

And yes, American TV’s insistence on casting only beautiful women who must look good at all times (bar the odd smudged cheek after being blown up) doesn’t help with the suspension of disbelief. 7/10


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