Jim gave the troll a piercing look.
Jim gave the troll a piercing look.

Suburban teen Jim Lake is pretty ordinary save for his (kitchen) knife skills – he’s a keen cook. One day, riding to school with his best friend Toby (chubby and nerdy, of course) he discovers a strange amulet. Or it discovers him.

Soon after, Jim is visited by two trolls, the six-eyed Blinky and the massive AAARRRGGHH!!! (yes, that’s the character name) – who turn out to be friendly. Jim learns that the amulet has chosen him to be history’s first human (“fleshbag”) Trollhunter. Like it or not, his job now is to defend humanity and the world’s good trolls from the evil Gunmar, a troll lord banished for aeons to the Darklands but on the brink of returning.

Trollhunter is a job for life – which is anticipated to be short. Time to get combat training. But since the troll world must remain a secret from humanity, Jim still has to get through high school.

Despite conventional elements – yes, there’s a girl Jim fancies; yes, there’s a school bully – this animated series is watchable and genuinely funny in the Pixar mould. Also, Guillermo del Toro created it, so adults have an excuse for watching. 8/10

Available on Netflix


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