“Look, just take back what you said about his acting.”

A woman is dumped in Times Square, naked but for a body covered neck to foot in tattoos. They’re intricate and cryptic save for the biggest: the name of an FBI agent, Kurt Weller. Jane Doe, as she is henceforth known, has no memory of who she is or what the tatts signify, but it soon turns out they all point to various ongoing or imminent crimes.

As set-ups go, it’s ridiculous, but interesting. While basically an excuse to stitch together otherwise unrelated stories in a standard police procedural (or ‘police+civilian’ procedural, which is more common these days) the long-arc story of Jane’s past has just about enough intrigue to keep you hooked. Naturally it involves uncovering a bigger conspiracy within the justice system, wherein every single department seems to have a mole, as usual – no wonder so many Americans are paranoid about government conspiracies.

What else? Jaimie Alexander’s Jane is easy on the eye but altogether too girlish and vulnerable considering her background. Sullivan Stapleton plays Kurt with two expressions and much cheek-chewing, and the acting elsewhere is a bit patchy, too. Kurt’s team seems to shoulder the entire FBI workload, along with a bit of SEALs work – they get called to the Black Sea at one point. Which is not in the US.

Ah well, just go with it. 7/10


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