She wasn’t ready for this jelly.

Peter is some kind of unspecified engineer whose job seems to involve plugging cables into things. He lacks imagination in the wardrobe department, but my does he have vivid dreams about alien invasions.

Peter lives in quite a nice city apartment with his wife Alice and their two girls Hannah and Lucy, aka Sulky and Snivelly. They’re throwing a party there to celebrate Alice’s promotion when, wouldn’t you know it, a fleet of spaceships appears to start blasting everything in sight. It’s all terribly carbon-unfriendly.

Then alien soldiers land to start wiping people out block by block. Peter escapes with his family, despite the girls’ inability to follow instructions or stop whimpering to save their own lives (literally).

Like a few too many Netflix films, the only really interesting thing about this is its premise – but unfortunately revealing that would be a giant Sixth Sense-style spoiler. Suffice to say it explores moral issues of how humans treat others who are not like themselves. But other films have done it better. 5/10

Available on Netflix


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