The last slice of pizza would probably kill her… she hoped.

Marlo is overstretched – and not just by the baby she’s about to deliver. She already has two other kids, one of whom is “quirky” – nobody wants to call it “autism spectrum”, especially not his school, which wants to kick him out.

Marlo loves her husband but he’s flat out at work – and when the new baby needs night-time attention he’s dead to the world.

When she finally snaps, however, she’s able to take up her rich brother’s offer to pay for a night-time nanny.

Tully – disturbingly young, beautiful and brainy – arrives late each night, takes care of the baby and the backlog of chores, then leaves before everyone gets up in the morning.

Initially sceptical, Marlo soon bonds with Tully – and her life improves dramatically. But, of course, things are never as simple as that…

This is a smart and witty insight into the stresses and self-esteem issues of motherhood, thanks to a script by Diablo Cody (Juno). 8/10

Available on NOW TV.


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