About Jonathan Empson

Of course I look bad in a suit. I’m a writer.

I’m an author, screenwriter and editor. My teen post-apocalypse novel Then This Happened is available via Boot Print Books.

I have been nominated for an AWGIE and one of my feature screenplays, Leonardo’s War, made the semi-finals (even the top 30, dammit) of the Nicholl Fellowships screenwriting contest, run by those nice people who do the Oscars. I’m a screenwriting graduate of the Australian Film, Television and Radio School and a past recipient of the FOXTEL Scholarship for Exceptional Talent.

An ex-motoring journalist, I’ve also written children’s books for Top Gear and LEGO, and have worked on various magazines and newspapers from Reader’s Digest to RALPH (lads’ mags RIP) and from HELLO! to The Observer. And I’m considering expanding into novelty greetings cards:

Sorry about the picture
Sorry about this verse
You’re having a bad birthday
And I’ve just made it worse.

You can send me a direct message below (only please don’t ask me to review your short film):


4 thoughts on “About Jonathan Empson

  1. Hi Jonathan,

    Cool blog, liking the idea of these short reviews.. and looking forward to making some good choices about which movies to watch these holidays!

    I’m an Australian writer too, check out my website if you’re interested 🙂


  2. Nice site Jonathan. In this day and age of information overdose – the fewer words the better! Can’t wait to see your films our and about one day… GB, CHCH

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